WELCOME TO PERSONAL HEARING CENTER.
Personal Hearing Center's experienced professionals take pride in being able to enhance our patients' hearing abilities.  Using the technology of today's hearing aids will improve your life.  Once again, you'll be able to hear and understand conversations.  Our professionals will customize a hearing improvement program to meet YOUR unique requirements...whatever they are.
  •  The first step is to schedule a FREE hearing evaluation to determine YOUR individual  needs.
  •  We will listen to YOUR concerns and answer questions pertaining to YOUR hearing  history.
  •  Your visit will be a truly PERSONAL experience.
  •  Call to schedule Your FREE, no-obligation hearing evaluation or Email us and we will  contact you. 

You might have a hearing loss if you...
  • Think other people mumble or sound muffled
  • Ask people to repeat
  • Have to be asked to lower the television volume
  • Answer or respond inappropriately
  • Have difficulty understanding in noisy situations, like restaurants or party's
  • Read lips or watch people's faces when they speak
  • Hear men's voices better than women's & children

  • Have been told you speak too loud
  • Withdraw from social situations
  • Strain to hear what others are saying
  • Feel annoyed because you can't understand what others are saying.
  • Feel embarrassed from misunderstanding what others are saying
  • Feel nervous about trying to hear in new situations
If you experience any of the above symptoms, you should have your hearing evaluated.

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